Q&A with Emily Rong, VP of Recruiting

November 23, 2020

Meet ICX Group’s rock star VP of Recruiting, Emily

Emily is an accomplished member of ICX Group’s team.  She has been with the firm for over 6 years. Over that time, Emily has made countless perfect matches of candidates to clients through the years.   The team loves her high-energy style and fun personality.  We had the opportunity to sit down and chat about what brought her to the recruiting world, the VP of Recruiting role and some fun facts about her life outside the office. Read on to learn more about Emily!

What brought you to the accounting & finance recruiting world?

  • My career began at Deloitte as an Auditor and I ended up speaking to a great recruiter about opportunities outside of public accounting. After talking about various Accounting, Internal Audit and Finance roles, they asked if I ever had interest in recruiting. I never really thought of it but decided to give it a shot and here I am 7 years later!

How were you introduced to the ICX Group? 

  • My husband relocated to Jacksonville for a job and I was looking for a boutique recruiting firm that focused on Accounting and Finance and ran across ICX Group. I reached out to the team and ended up joining shortly after!

What do you love most about recruiting for accounting and finance talent?

  • As VP of Recruiting, I love being able to connect with people and chat with them about what they are enjoying in their roles. Coming from public accounting, I know there are times when work can be frustrating and, knowing what they are going through, I am able to provide options for their next career step.

Tell us what surprises clients and candidates about working with a recruiting firm?

  • Clients: Something clients are surprised about working with a recruiting firm is how much faster their hiring process can be. Also, they don’t have to worry about looking over dozens of resumes but rather the top filtered candidates for their positions.
  • Candidates: I think something that surprises candidates is how much they can rely on their recruiter. This might be for how to format their resume, for advice on interviews, getting feedback, all the way to receiving offers.

What makes the ICX Group unique?

  • ICX Group was founded by two Senior Managers out of PwC and many of our recruiters come from accounting or public accounting backgrounds. We value integrity and ethics and always will do what is best for our candidates and clients.

Do you have any advice for an accounting and finance professional looking to advance their career in the next year?

  • Talk to a recruiter and share your career goal with them. They work with people every day and can provide advice on best steps to get there, companies to look out for or avoid, etc.

Fun Facts about Emily

IT’s no secret to folks who know you that you love Disney?  What character are you the most like?

  • Mulan – Not just because I am Asian but because I would do just about anything to protect my family and keep them safe.

So, you live in California but work with the ICX home office team in Jacksonville, FL – what’s your secret to managing the time zone difference?

  • I have everything set to east coast time – so I almost live my life like I am on the east coast

What is a favorite power song on your playlist?

  • On Top of The World – Imagine Dragons if I am looking for a happy pump up song
  • Remember the Name – Fort Minor if I am trying to pump myself up

Which show did you last binge?

  • The Good Place

What would be your first purchase if you won the lottery?

  • Some kind of investment property (income producing commercial real estate)

Want to connect with VP of Recruiting, Emily?  Reach her @ emily.rong@icxgroup.com