Five Big Benefits To Partnering With A Recruiting Firm

November 11, 2020

In today’s ever-changing social, digital and technology-driven marketplace here are countless ways for the job seeker to connect with a potential employer. This may cause a hiring manager to question the value of contracting a recruiting firm for their talent needs. But, at the end of the day, there are some major benefits and competitive advantages to utilizing a professional recruiting firm like ours.

  1. Specialization

    Boutique firm recruiters have strong backgrounds in the areas of expertise that they recruit for. The fact that a recruiter can work seamlessly with potential candidates by speaking their industry language in a huge advantage for clients. Additionally, being specialized in a specific industry means that that a recruiter knows exactly where to look for the talent and unique skill sets that a client may need.

  2. Recruiting Firm Resources

    Many companies feel that staff hiring managers, HR departments or internal recruiters can handle their staffing needs. However, a boutique recruiting firm can step in and not only add bandwidth to this team, but also partner on the search and be an “additional” pipeline of candidates. We often see that companies realize the savings in staff time and resources a recruiting firm provides with our pre-vetted candidates complete with reference checks is well worth the agency fee.

  3. Candidates at the ready

    A boutique recruiting firm has huge networks of candidates for the industry specialty at the ready. Recruiting firms that focus on functional specialties are known by industry professionals. They also have databases of contacts and a pipeline of outstanding candidates at the ready when a client begins a search.

  4. Broad talent pool

    When company hiring managers and internal HR teams put out their job listings, they are likely to reach those active job seekers constantly checking job boards. However, this effort misses the passive candidates. These are the professionals who aren’t actively looking but may be open to a change for the right role. These individuals are often the gems that you want to find and agency recruiters have the connections and resources to reach this pool of candidates.

  5. Current & Expert job search resources

    Industry job titles, jobs descriptions, salary ranges and candidate profiles are CONSTANTLY changing. It can be challenging for an internal hiring manager to constantly track down all the latest in compensation ranges and terminology for job descriptions. However, when you engage with professional recruiter, the specialist will be able to pull this information together for you or handle the search entirely start to finish. With their help you can launch your search quickly.

Have I convinced you that a boutique recruiting firm is worth partnering with? Yes or no – our team would welcome the opportunity to have a conversation about your talent needs… You never know, your best hire’s resume could be in our hands right now. Contact our recruiting firm at