Meet Johanne Fortunato, Director of Client Services for ICX Staffing

December 15, 2020

The team loves the positive energy Johanne brings to Client Services at ICX Group day in and day out. Johanne joined ICX Group’s staffing division two years ago. We sat down with her to learn about her career path, goals for the staffing division and a few fun things about herself.  Read on to learn more about Johanne!

You didn’t start your career in recruiting. What drove your decision to make the leap into this career?

I worked retail for many years and although I loved it, the grind of long hours and spending holidays away from my family forced me to start looking for a new career path.  I was introduced to ICX Group when they worked with a new role. He recommended that I work with them to help me land a new job and instead of finding me a new job I jumped on board with ICX! Isn’t it funny how things can just fall perfectly into place?!

 What do you love most about recruiting & staffing?

I love being able to help a candidate find the perfect job when they are totally frustrated with their job search and about to throw in the towel. Sometimes, we get candidates that have applied everywhere and never hear back and when they work with our team we are able to provide feedback to the application and interview process and even better we often times help them land a job! That is so very rewarding!

What are your goals for ICX Group’s staffing division in the coming year?

I want our Staffing division to continue to grow and be the first name that comes to mind when a company has a staffing need. Most of our existing clients know of our amazing permanent and consulting recruiting so now ICX can offer the Staffing division as their go-to source for great talent for their every need.

What do you think is the biggest misperception of recruiters by clients and candidates?

In my experience, candidates sometimes feel that they’re just a number to a recruiter. As Client Services director, I like showing my candidates and clients the good side of recruiting; for example helping with writing their resume or assisting a client with a job description. Good recruiters will guide you through the process and always have your best interest at heart. I keep up with most of my candidates and clients and its great knowing we helped them somehow.


A bit of trivia about Johanne

What did you dream of being when you grew up?

I wanted to be a singer LOL. I would always sing around the house and school pretending to be Mariah Carey or Selena 😉

In the spirit of the Holiday season, what was your favorite Christmas gift growing up?

A two-story barbie house!  I wanted that thing sooo bad and was the happiest little girl in the world when I got it.

If you could have any superhero power, what power would you have and why?

Not sure if it’s a superhero power, but I would stop time. Not permanently, but in those moments when you wish time could stand still like when your baby is asleep in your arms or Christmas morning. Its cheesy, but life goes by so fast that it would be nice to stop and enjoy some moments for a little longer.

 Is your dream vacation on a mountain or beach?

BEACH. Don’t get me wrong, I can enjoy the mountains too, but beach is life for me!

Nothing is better than relaxing on the beach and you know that everyone looks better with a tan 😉

Want to connect with Client Services Director Johanne?  Reach her

 direct 904.208.2198/cell 352.682.3185