Q&A with our head of Marketing, Tahoma Guiry

February 23, 2021

Our Head of Marketing now serves up awesome marketing talent to our clients!

ICX launched a new marketing and creative division and is thrilled to have a seasoned industry leader heading it up.  Tahoma brought more 20-years of marketing communications experience to the firm when she came on board last year.  Learn a more about her professionally in this Q&A and stay tuned to the end for her favorite binge-worthy show!

Where did you start your marketing & communications career?

I interned with Jacksonville’s largest ad agency, but my first job out of college was a writer/producer at a Jacksonville television station. However, it didn’t take long for me to see that I would have to move around to advance my career in that field.  I quickly transitioned back to the agency world. I really enjoyed working with clients and creatives!

How were you introduced to the ICX Group? 

I had a family member that served on a local board with a team member here at ICX.  I was introduced to network about new career opportunities and low and behold ICX needed a Marketing Director themselves!  From there I worked with our firm’s leadership and we decided to launch a division that is specialized in marketing and creative recruiting.  It has been a fun and exciting career change for me!

And what do you love most about doing specialized marketing recruiting now?

I love meeting and working with people.  One of the things I loved most with working at ad agencies was both working with client’s to meet their needs and also bringing in new talent and mentoring them and seeing them grow and expand upon their careers.  So those two passions have parlayed well into now doing specialized marketing and creative recruiting.

What are 3 words to describe the ICX Group?

Smart, Professional, Passionate

What advice do you have to offer those looking to advance their career in marketing & communications?

Join and be active in professional organizations in your respective field; this not only allows you to stay on top of industry trends through their lunch and learns, but to also allows you to network with other marketing, creative and communications professionals.

Fun Facts about Tahoma

Who did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a writer.  I even used to publish my own town newspaper and go door to door selling them!  So funny to think back on that and how news has evolved to all be digital.

Beach or Mountain vacation?

I love any vacation but would probably choose the Beach – I love the sun, sand and ocean!  That’s one of the reasons I love Jacksonville so much!

What’s the best show you binged recently?

Ted Lasso! Hands down! Love it!  Everyone could use some Ted Lasso in their life!

Where are you if you aren’t at the office?

Most likely the soccer field. My son plays travel soccer, and we travel all over the state and to Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina with it.  The driving can be grueling and time consuming, but we are trying to enjoy every last second of it while we can!

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