Director, Computer and Information Systems

  • Location: Jacksonville, Florida
  • Job #: 4691
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Category: Technology

  • Short reporting structure to the CIO
  • Excellent benefits 
  • Opportunity to lead a team of 20+
  • Hybrid schedule for most roles

  1. Overseeing Business Plans and Policies:

    • Oversees development and implementation of business plans, policies, and procedures.
    • Collaborates with other departments to prioritize project requests and incidents.
    • Evaluates results within business units to determine if organizational objectives are being met.
    • Leads implementation of recommendations for resolution and communicates those recommendations to appropriate groups.
    • Ensures follow-up to prevent recurring system resource conflicts.
  2. Managing Project Execution and Team Guidance:

    • Manages the timely execution of project deliverables, installation/upgrades, maintenance, and repairs.
    • Mentors, shares knowledge, and guides the technical decisions of the team to set up  for long-term success, both as a product and as a team.
    • Escalates project deliverables in a timely manner to next level management when necessary to maintain agreed upon project/incident timelines.
  3. Ensuring Efficient Issue Resolution and Compliance:

    • Ensures the efficient and timely resolution of issues that other tiers of support have escalated/transferred and/or incidents directly assigned to the team.
    • Prepares and interprets reporting on incident and project resolution times and effectiveness.
    • Stays knowledgeable of emerging trends and industry practices.
    • Guides development and ensures compliance with IT standards, policies, and guidelines.
  1. Leadership and Collaboration Skills:

    • Strong leadership skills to oversee teams and collaborate effectively with other departments.
    • Ability to prioritize project requests and incidents based on organizational objectives.
    • Excellent communication skills to communicate recommendations and ensure follow-up for resolution.
  2. Technical Expertise and Project Management:

    • Proficiency in engineering, installing, and maintaining high-quality modern solutions to complex problems related to compute and cloud platforms.
    • Experience in managing project execution, including timely delivery of project deliverables and effective escalation when necessary.
    • Knowledge of emerging trends and industry practices in cloud computing and computer systems.
  3. Analytical and Compliance Skills:

    • Strong analytical skills to evaluate results within business units and assess issues related to cost, design, and implementation of cloud and computer systems.
    • Ability to interpret reporting on incident and project resolution times and effectiveness.
    • Understanding of IT standards, policies, and guidelines, with a focus on ensuring compliance within the organization.


Robert Mousa

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