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Discover why so many professionals have decided to escape or take a break from the traditional career path and join the growing industry of project professionals.

Growing Demand

ICX Group provides consulting and project assistance to companies in the areas of accounting, finance, internal audit risk & compliance, tax, information technology, and human resources on a national basis. Whether a company is growing, downsizing, or working on special projects, there is always a need for variable professional resources to help companies achieve their objectives.  The use of variable professional resources allows companies to utilize unique skill sets outside of their organization to help solve problems and meet objectives.  It also allows companies to remain competitive by operating as lean as possible.  When special projects arise, companies turn to ICX for additional professional level resources to meet their resource demands and project goals.

Quality Team

We and our clients value and respect our Project Professionals.  We understand quality professionals want to join and associate themselves with other quality professionals.  By maintaining high standards we benefit those that work with us as well as our clients.  Our Project Professionals enjoy the reputation of working with a professional level firm.  Although we strive to retain our project professionals, many are highly recruited by our clients.  This is a testament to the level of service we provide by hiring and matching quality professionals to our clients.  We strive to retain our top project professionals, many of whom are long-term associates of our firm and enjoy working on projects as a career. 


We are constantly recruiting new talent for consulting, project assistance and permanent placements.  We offer professionals various options for their career.  We can place you in a permanent position with one of our clients; on a short-term project while we help you find a permanent positon with one of our clients; or offer you a career as a project professional with our firm.  We want the right fit for you.  It will make you happier and will allow us to provide better service to our clients. 


Life as a project professional has a number of rewarding benefits.  Some of these benefits include:

  • Helping companies solve problems and achieve project goals
  • Stimulating work environment; moving from one client to another
  • Challenging and stimulating work; constantly working on different projects
  • Ability to focus on one project at a time; beginning with a clean slate at the end of every project
  • Continuous skills and career development gained on each project
  • Meeting new people and learning about new companies
  • Flexibility between projects to travel or enjoy other activities; for those that want to take time in between projects
  • Not having to worry about company politics

Other benefits offered by ICX Group include health and dental coverage, holidays and vacation time, 401K Safe Harbor plan with immediate vesting, CPE training, and bonuses for referrals.

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