Internal Audit Risk & Compliance

Don’t Risk Your Career.

Risk Services should not be performed just because they are required; they should add value to your organization.

ICX Group can help you evaluate, modify, and implement your approach to risk. As an alternative to the Big 4, we will provide you with a strategic, cost effective approach to identifying and managing risk, maximizing revenue and controlling costs through risk management, process improvement and effective controls. ICX uses proven methodologies and practices developed by our team, which consists of former Big 4 management, Fortune 500 audit and risk executives, and Institute of Internal Auditors project leaders. Our risk advisory services are utilized by organizations ranging from the Fortune 500 to small businesses. 

Our Risk Advisory Services are comprised of the following services:

  • Quality assurance reviews
  • Corporate governance
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Full outsourcing of internal audit
  • Co-sourcing with the existing internal audit function
  • Internal audit consulting
  • Information technology auditing
  • IT security
  • Process mapping and process reviews
  • Internal controls documentation and testing
  • Operational audits
  • Regulatory compliance (including SOX)
  • Contract compliance
  • Ethics administration
  • Fraud investigations

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What business problem keeps you awake at night?

That’s the question our consulting team asks clients to get to the root of an issue. Utilizing our expert resources, first we define the problem – not just the general issue, but the specifics that are unique to your company.  

Then, we study all the surrounding processes, procedures, and details to frame and deliver the solution. Finally, we help your team take action – whether it’s implementing process improvements, restructuring a department or team, 

or setting up a standard review system.

We save you time by providing expert resources that have experience solving similar issues.  

Project Assistance

Our project assistance clients already know the issue they need help with.

They just don’t have the time or resources to get the job done efficiently without disrupting their normal business activities. 

Our team serves as an extension of your project team – we bring a specific set of skills to the project as well as the horsepower. 

Our project professionals work under your direction with minimal supervision to meet your goals. We leave the knowledge behind.

Recruiting Services

A cut above.

Our clients understand that hiring the best and brightest results in a competitive advantage to their organizations. They know we understand that as well. Our Big 4 heritage and our network that spans across the US and into Canada and Europe provides us with a competitive advantage

 in recruiting the best and brightest for our clients as well as our own firm.

We understand, in addition to intelligence and experience, a cultural fit is equally important. Employees that fit well with their organizations have greater job satisfaction, 

demonstrate superior job performance, are more committed and are more likely to remain with their company.

Each company has its own culture and we take the time to understand it before recommending candidates.  

Interim Staffing

Bringing the best to your door.

When you need to temporarily fill a position – due to a promotion, employee departure, maternity leave, or other circumstance – 

we tap our talent network to find the best professional for the job, so you won’t lose momentum on important projects.